4 exercises for seniors

If you’re over 65, experts typically advise against strenuous physical activities like long-distance running, high-intensity interval training and joint-stressing forms of weight training. The good news is that you can build strength, boost your metabolism and improve your mood by doing exercises with minimal risk of injury. Here are four to add to your routine.


Walking may be the gold standard for safe, effective exercise. From wilderness hikes to a gentle stroll in a park, it’s an exercise nearly anyone can incorporate into their life. If you’re more ambitious, you may enjoy working up to a distance race like a half-marathon that welcomes walkers.

Water sports

Whether you prefer swimming or a water aerobics class, water-based exercise is ideal for people with joint pain. Water pressure provides resistance for your muscles while preventing potentially harmful quick movements.

Bodyweight exercises

Bodyweight workouts are an accessible way to exercise at home without investing in much gear. For most workouts, all you need is suitable clothing and a floor mat. You can broaden the scope of your workout by introducing a chair and an exercise step.

Chair yoga

Believe it or not, you can improve your muscle strength and mobility even in a seated position. Using a chair to do yoga provides extra stability and minimizes stress on your joints. Chair yoga has also been shown to improve balance and flexibility.

Before you begin a new fitness routine, talk to a doctor or a physiotherapist to determine safe exercises that best serve your wellness goals.

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