4 hobbies you can do online

Bored of scrolling through the same old social media posts? If you’re looking for a new source of online entertainment, try one — or all — of these hobbies.

1. Games

The web is a treasure trove of games, from classic video games to online board games and word puzzles. Many online games let you connect socially with other players. Playing online lets you indulge your competitive nature and keep those brain cells humming.

2. Genealogy

Researching your family’s history means more than building a family tree. Locating unique documents can help you unearth stories of your ancestors through marriages, medical conditions, military service, occupations and more. What a legacy for you to share with your children and grandchildren.

3. Learning

Learning a new subject or skill can improve your cognition, mood and sense of social connectedness. Whether you learn to speak a new language or play a musical instrument, you’ll find the resources you need on the web. Find how-to videos to learn a hands-on skill or explore free online university courses.

4. Content creation

From blogs to podcasts to videos, whatever your preferred method of communication, the internet has a platform to showcase your talents or share your knowledge. Whether you’re a natural performer or passionate about a specific subject, the web gives you options to put yourself out there from the comfort of your home.

Your local electronics retailer can ensure you have the tools you need to get started on your new hobby.

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