4 Tips for Preventing Hair Loss

As you age, the pigmentation and texture of your hair changes. It also gets thinner. Fortunately, there are things you can do to help minimize hair loss and keep your locks healthy as you age.

  • AVOID STYLES THAT PULL Over time, consistently wearing your hair in cornrows, tight braids, top buns and ponytails, can damage your hair follicles and lead to permanent hair loss.
  • LIMIT YOUR USE OF HOT TOOLS Hairdryers, hair straighteners and curling irons can all damage your hair by excessively drying it out and, consequently, making it more likely to fall out.
  • WASH YOUR HAIR LESS OFTEN As you age, your scalp produces less sebum, resulting in your hair becoming drier. Therefore, you should avoid washing your hair every day. You should also use a mild shampoo that won’t strip your hair of its natural oils.
  • EAT A NUTRIENT-RICH DIET Protein and iron deficiencies are linked to hair loss, so make sure you incorporate enough of these nutrients in your diet. Also, make sure to eat lots of leafy greens, as they’re packed with an array of vitamins and minerals that promote healthy hair including folate and vitamins A and C.

In addition, taking certain medications can lead to hair loss. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist to find out if the prescribed drugs you take might be causing your hair to thin.

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