5 Tips For Convincing Your Parents To Go Into Retirement Home

During your last visits to your parents, you noticed that some very simple tasks have become abnormally laborious for them? They frequently mention their fatigue, their discomfort and their daily difficulties? It’s probably time to have a conversation with them about their ability to stay at home. Here are five tips to help you convince them to move into a residence for their safety and well-being.

Take it one step at a time Ideally, the idea of moving into a residence should be broached long before the need becomes urgent. While your parents are still in relatively good shape, bring up the subject from time to time so they can learn about the possibility at their own pace.

Emphasize your concerns Rather than saying, “You can’t be alone anymore,” approach them with “I’m worried about you. The first, more authoritative wording is likely to put them on the defensive.

Present the benefits of living in residence Emphasize the practical and reassuring aspects of living in a residence: accessibility of care, meals, security (surveillance cameras, sprinklers), housekeeping, various activities, etc.

Ease their fears Many seniors are initially reluctant to move into a nursing home. Ask them why, listen and reassure them. For example, insist that you will visit them as often as before.

Visit residences with them Invite them to visit a few residences with you, for example at open houses. Don’t just name the benefits, show them!

Staying in your home Your parents refuse to live in a residence? You can’t force them! However, a health professional or a social worker from the CLSC can evaluate their level of autonomy and their needs. If so, your parents may be able to receive services that allow them to remain at home for a few more months or years.

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