5 tips to combat seasonal depression

Do the long winter months drain your morale and negatively impact your sense of well-being? Here are some tips to help you counter the symptoms of seasonal depression.

1. Make the most of the sun. Whenever possible, dress warmly and head outdoors to top up on vitamin D. When you’re inside on sunny days, open the curtains and sit near the windows.

2. Play sports. In addition to keeping you healthy, physical activity triggers endorphins and serotonin. These “happy hormones” help regulate your mood and provide an antidepressant effect.

3. Use light therapy. Expose yourself to a lamp with light that mimics the sun’s rays. Just 30 minutes a day can help you feel better.

4. Eat well. Despite your temptation to eat sugary food, make sure you prepare balanced meals rich in essential nutrients.

5. Relax. Engage in activities that you find soothing, such as knitting or listening to music. Meditation can help lower stress and reduce symptoms of depression, as well as also boost your energy levels. Reading at bedtime can promote better sleep.

Have you noticed a significant drop in energy, persistent sadness or drowsiness despite getting a good night’s sleep? If your symptoms prevent you from managing your daily tasks, don’t hesitate to consult a healthcare professional. A doctor, pharmacist or psychologist can recommend solutions according to your needs.

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