7 signs you have balance problems

Getting older often comes with less muscle strength and balance. Osteoarthritis and other health problems, like vision and vestibular issues, can exacerbate these changes.

The following seven signs may help you determine if it’s time to seek help from a health professional for your balance issues.

1. You sometimes step sideways when walking in an unobstructed area where it’s possible to walk in a straight line.

2. You slide your hand along walls or furniture when walking around your home.

3. You drag your feet rather than lift them when you walk.

4. You occasionally stumble when there are no obstacles in the way.

5. You reach for someone’s arm or a handrail when coming out of a house.

6. You often struggle repeatedly to get up from a chair, couch or bed due to a lack of leg strength.

7. You walk up or down the stairs with both feet on the same step rather than alternating between them.

Have you noticed any of these signs in your daily life? Reduce the risk of falling by visiting an expert, such as a physiotherapist or kinesiologist, for advice. They’ll create an exercise program tailored to your condition.

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