ACTIVITIES in Chateau Glengarry Retirement Home Alexandria

The owner then recognized my talent and asked me to lead the activities. This responsibility has proven to be quite challenging, as I constantly seek different ways to keep the residents happy and engaged. One of the activities they enjoy is word search puzzles, which provide intellectual stimulation and entertainment for those who enjoy reading and learning games. However, I have also taken into consideration that some individuals may find word searches difficult. To address this, I have modified the word searches to be more collectible and enjoyable to read, catering to a wider range of participants.In addition to word searches, we have also introduced various games that the residents find enjoyable. One such game is bocce, which has proven to be quite interesting and challenging for them. I make sure to constantly replace the balls and keep track of the points, which adds to the overall fun and competitiveness of the game. Another popular activity we have created is a bag toss game, using an old milk can. Participants have the opportunity to throw bags by hand and aim to get them into the can. To add an extra level of excitement, we have tilted the can and placed it on the floor. This has resulted in many interesting and unexpected moments during the game.Engaging in these activities has not only provided entertainment but also the opportunity to meet and get to know the residents and their families. We are always greeted warmly when we meet, and we strive to maintain good relations with them. Although it may sometimes take more than one try, we encourage perseverance as we believe that success can be achieved through determination and resilience. We truly believe that there is no better business than having fun and creating joy for others. It is our utmost priority to continuously find new and exciting activities for the residents to enjoy, as we aim to be the ones who brighten their days.

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