Advice for seniors: 7 criteria for choosing the right winter coat

Are you looking for a new coat to keep you warm this winter? Assess your needs by paying attention to these seven points.

1. Length. Look for a long coat that covers your buttocks and thighs, especially if you do a lot of walking. However, ensure it doesn’t restrict your movement.

2. Insulation. Lightweight down holds in as much heat as possible and is a winning choice if you’re always cold. However, synthetic materials are preferable if you participate in winter sports, as they breathe better and retain their properties even when wet.

3. Closures. Keep an eye out for high-quality zippers. If you have grip problems, make sure the zippers and buttons are easy to handle.

4. Hood. Look for a hood with drawstrings so that it stays in place. A fur trim is excellent in snowy conditions.

5. Collar. No matter the style, it must protect your neck.

6. Sleeves. Sleeves that can be tightened at the wrist with an elastic band help shield you against cold winds.

7. Pockets. Make sure the pockets are sturdy and big enough to keep your hands warm or hold your keys and phone.

Happy shopping!

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