Alcohol Consumption as A Senior: 3 Risk Factors

Have loved ones or medical professionals expressed concerns about your drinking? It’s important to know that age-specific issues may contribute to an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, leading to mental and physical problems. Whether you drink alcohol regularly or occasionally, your health demands that you examine your habits.

RISK FACTORS Certain events later in life can trigger excessive alcohol consumption, such as:

  • Retirement. Some older people dedicate a significant portion of their lives to their work and view retirement as a series of losses. They may not know how to use or value their free time. Alcohol can become a way to compensate for losing their professional life.
  • Loneliness. Older people who no longer have children in their care, have lost their life partner or don’t have a large social circle are at increased risk of drinking alone and becoming alcohol dependent.
  • Health problems. Getting sick, losing mobility or experiencing chronic pain can make an older person preoccupied with declining health. They may resort to alcohol consumption to numb the sadness they feel at losing their abilities. Do you recognize yourself in any of these descriptions? If you need help managing your drinking, don’t hesitate to talk to a healthcare professional. They can advise you and direct you to appropriate resources.

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