7 signs you have balance problems

Getting older often comes with less muscle strength and balance. Osteoarthritis and other health problems, like vision and vestibular issues, can exacerbate these changes. The following seven signs may help you determine if it’s time to seek help from a health professional for your balance issues. 1. You sometimes step sideways when walking in an …

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What to do after a fall

Although fall prevention measures can help minimize the risk of older adults taking a tumble, they cannot prevent them 100 per cent of the time. Here’s what you should do if you fall in your home and are unable to get up: • Keep calm, stay still and determine if you feel pain in any …

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A little fat is healthy

Can high-fat foods for seniors can be healthy? Fats for elderly people can have health benefits and provide an adequate amount of calories. Beyond that, meeting the recommended fat intake for elderly people can be both nutritious and delicious. Older adults need a balanced diet, one that includes fats. However, not all fats are created …

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