Benefits of Knitting

Did you know that knitting has positive effects on both your physical and your mental health? Whether you’re a lifelong enthusiast or a curious beginner, these benefits are sure to convince you to break out your needles more often!

In Chateau Glengarry, we promote knitting activities and have nurtured some skilled knitting experts.

1.Knitting fosters mindfulness. Studies have demonstrated that knitting, like meditation, can induce a state of calm mindfulness that has a positive influence on your mood and mindset.

2.Knitting helps reduce stress and anxiety. Knitting contributes to lowering your heart rate and blood pressure, making it an excellent hobby for relaxing and escaping your troubles.

3.Knitting contributes to keeping your brain healthy. The act of knitting stimulates communication between your neurons and may help to prevent age-related memory loss. What’s more, it may even help fight diseases such as dementia.

4.Knitting helps ease arthritis. In addition to improving your agility and range of motion, knitting does a world of good for your joints. The constant involvement of your fingers and hands keeps joints moisturized and thus less likely to develop arthritic pain.

5.Knitting boosts self-esteem. Like many other creative hobbies, knitting can become a great source of pride and accomplishment. Making something from scratch with your own two hands is certainly rewarding.

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