Designing a comfortable living space in your retirement home

When moving into a retirement or assisted living home, you don’t have to settle for a sterile, institutional environment. Here are some ways to make your living space more comfortable and truly feel like home.

Accessibility and safety

Prioritizing accessibility is paramount, ensuring that furniture caters to easy movement and daily needs. Consider safety features, such as ample lighting, non-slip flooring and smart technology to enhance overall well-being and peace of mind.

Easy storage

In compact living areas, choose furniture like beds and benches that incorporate storage spaces into the design. Additionally, ensure closets are efficient and accessible. Use clear, labelled storage containers and baskets to reduce clutter and make belongings easily available.

Get personal

Music creates a personalized and harmonious living space with its power to evoke memories and uplift spirits. Include an easy-to-use CD player or vinyl record player with a selection of favourite albums. Also, display photos of loved ones and cherished keepsakes to help you reminisce.

Combining these elements will create a room that meets practical needs and enhances the overall quality of life during these golden years.

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