Do you suffer from empty nest syndrome?

Has your child left home and spread their wings? This change can cause a range of emotions that can be difficult to deal with. Don’t worry! It’s perfectly normal. Here’s what you need to know about empty nest syndrome.

What is it?

Empty nest syndrome is a psychological condition that affects around one-third of all parents. It’s characterized by extreme sadness, anxiety and a feeling of emptiness and abandonment that can lead to depression. It’s caused by loneliness, the need to redefine yourself and the loss of contact with your child.

What are the signs?

This kind of life change can lead to the following psychological indicators:

• You frequently feel worried or anxious about your child’s new responsibilities

• You have a pervasive feeling of loneliness

• You lack motivation because your daily life has changed so much

• You feel like you’ve lost your identity as a parent

• You notice a stark change in your behaviour

What can you do to overcome it?

Take advantage of your child’s departure to ask yourself what you want to do with your life and whether you have any goals you want to achieve, like learning a new language, taking up a sport or trying a hobby. Here are a few ideas to help you overcome this heavy feeling of emptiness:

• Find different ways to stay in touch with your child

• Focus on your own needs

• Re-establish yourself as a committed partner in your relationship

• Consider the positive aspects of your child’s newfound independence

If you think you may be suffering from empty nest syndrome, talk about it with those close to you and seek professional support if necessary.

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