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Healthy Summer Foods Cucumber. Want to feel cool as a cucumber during the sweltering heat of summer? ... Corn. ... Melons. ... Plums. ... Cherries. ... Strawberries. We provide all of them! Celebrating Success - Zero Covid-19 Outbreak during 7th Wave smile senior hold baby vegie Christmas wishes Mc Lellan family healthy food at Chateau Glengarry, one of best ontario retirement communities drink gift and X'mas holding hands Nutritious Foods at Chateau Glengarry, a senior living mushroom and broccoli prepare cake children singing Thank you for having made his stay at Chateau Glengarry such a pleasant one lake happy to be here patio staff gift Mary Christimas activities room Image 3 nutritious cooking achievement injection Christmas desert sunny Image 7 Image 6 learning Taiji diane Ginett Image 1 gym happy seniors Penny preparing fruit salad residents Mark desert1 past staff Image 2 vegetable