more than 90% of Chateau Glengarry's residents have had their 3rd dose of the Covid-19 vaccine and their flu shot

2021 November 15 / QW

Are You Going To Be Booooosted?

Canada is one of countries that deploy the 3rd, i. e. booster Covid-19 vaccine dose. Gladly the local health Unit and Retirement Home Regulatory Authority            made this vaccination available to our residents in late October 2021, and more than 90% of our residents have had their 3rd dose of the Covid-19 vaccine and their flu shot!

Thanks to our fully Vaccinated staff has worked hard throughout the Pandemic to keep all of the residents safe, there have been NO Covid -19 positive case in our residents! We would like to congratulate the residents and their families for doing their part to stay safe and healthily with Chateau Glengarry!

There are different opinions about this dose. Some support; some other scientists consider that at this point, the situation of COVID-19 vaccine booster is still weak. For most people, they may not be necessary and may divert the dose urgently needed by others in less developed countries. On August 4, the World Health Organization called for a moratorium on the use of boosters at least until the end of September, our Health Unit in Ontario weighed the pros and cons and decided the implementation for seniors, which received very high penetration rate in Chateau Glengarry. One senior lady told me that, she has refused flu shots for several decades, however, for Covid vaccine, she has taken all three because she disliked this pandemic, would play her role to increase the overall Great Wall of Immunity' against coronavirus, how brave our residents are!

Two weeks passed, we carefully monitor the side effect experienced from the COVID-19 vaccine and the good news is nobody had the Symptoms within 48 Hours of COVID-19 Immunization and so far.

Boost or not boost? With the proliferation of delta variant in many countries, health authorities may not have time to wait for a clear answer.

As individual, when it is possible, if no medical reasons, it is recommended by our senior residents who are 90-year-old or 103-year-old, JUST DO IT!

Chateau Glengarry offers relaxed, safe, and comfortable retirement living and respite care in a beautiful rural setting in Eastern Ontario. For more information or to book a tour, call us at 613-524-4440 or fill out our** contact form.**

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Chateau Glengarry offers relaxed, safe, AFFORDABLE and comfortable retirement living and respite care in a beautiful setting in Eastern Ontario. For more information or to book a tour, call Diane at 613-525-4440 or email:;

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Joining our Team - we are hiring a Part-time Cook

2022 November 05

We pay attention to residents' Dietary Needs, According to Diabetes Canada, one in three Canadians are diabetic or pre-diabetic. Research shows that for those in the 65+ age bracket, the prevalence of this disease is even higher. The overall health of seniors with diabetes can be impacted by many variables that our staff needs to consider. Many of our residents at Chateau Glengarry live with this condition, and we aim to consistently provide the best care to prevent, control, and manage diabetes. What’s our approach? Read on to find out. Every one of our seniors with diabetes has dietary needs and we plan our menu to meet these. We make sure they are receiving sufficient proteins, vegetables and healthy fats. To make the food more appealing, we like to incorporate as much seasonal fresh harvest from our local producers as possible. And we either limit or avoid food we know can trigger a rise in blood sugar levels. We pride ourselves on staying abreast of new research and technologies that can help our residents. With this lovely lady, we introduced her to a new, innovative sensor and glucometer called the FreeStyle Libre that allowed her to avoid the constant finger-pricking she previously underwent to check her blood sugar levels. As most of you know, monitoring the B/S is crucial to optimizing a person’s insulin levels. Along with this new tool, and regular and balanced meals, we were able to work with this lovely lady to stabilize her B/S. As a result, she has more freedom to relax and enjoy her new home. If you or your loved one is living with diabetes and considering moving to an independent living facility like ours, be sure to ask questions related to diabetes-specific care. After all, quality of life, comfort, and top-notch care is the priority, isn’t it? We think so!