Flowers to the Frontline healthcare workers!

After living with COVID for three years, and after numerous battles with new variants, we all have more confidence to deal with the difficult situation of Wave 6… While we may find ourselves growing and gaining new skills and adopting new technology, traditional dedication is still the key to get through COVID. All our frontline healthcare workers are heroes who deserve beautiful flowers from our hands and hearts.

We at Chateau Glengarry are prepared for the long haul. We offer a 4th vaccine booster whenever possible. We continue our proven Infection Prevention and Control measures, including wearing PPEs, self and peer-monitoring early symptoms and using Antigen Rapid test kits to safeguard. We communicate frequently and effectively with families and staff, with an emphasis on risk management. After all, the residents’ health and safety are our top priority.

All our frontline healthcare workers are heroes who deserve beautiful flowers from our hands and hearts.

The last few weeks, we have experienced staff shortages due to the 6th wave and additional workload. “It is hard work during these times,” Activity Director Lise says, “but our care stories are a great example of how, despite the virus in the community, we continue to do great things. What a great example of how our staff – nurses, PSWs, housekeeping, cooks and kitchen aides persevere and are resilient.”A high vaccination rate (more than 98% here at Chateau Glengarry) alone will not stop the spread of the virus.

Social distancing and other physical prevention methods are still important to reduce confirmed cases. As time goes on, different factors go into how safety protocols are adapted to deal with screening, visiting, gatherings, and the use of personal protective equipment. For example, COVID-19 can peak in some areas where particular attention needs to be taken. Omicron and other COVID-19 variants have changed the way viruses behave. Vaccination rates are also considered. It takes vigilance to stay on top of all of the changes, including the guidance from regulators and the Eastern Ontario Health Unit, and Diane, the Administrator, and her team, “We try to make sense of things for our staff and we adopt more technology to advance communication and have virtual tools to better serve our residents,” says Diane.

“My mom, a 82-year-old senior often tells me: I should have faith that if we have done all good things, then we will see the miraculous power of taking us towards new, wonderful outcome! It is true – on 24 April 2022, we were officially out of this tough 10 days”!

Even though this is a difficult time for everyone, we have been creative in ensuring strong mental health for our seniors, while keeping them safe, secure, and connected with each other and their loved ones. We’re all in this together!

Learn more about what Chateau Glengarry Retirement Living Centre has done to protect against Omicron.

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