Happy Canada Day at Chateau Glengarry

For 156 years, people across the country have celebrated Canada Day on July 1st. You may be planning to don your best red and white at a community event, or maybe you have no idea how you want to celebrate this year.

Whether you live on your own, with family or a caregiver, or in a retirement community, there are tons of ways for seniors to celebrate! Here are our top 6 ways to celebrate Canada Day.

  1. Enjoy a classic Canadian breakfast
    What’s more Canadian than maple syrup? Whether making them yourself or attending a community breakfast, pancakes and maple syrup is the perfect way to kickstart your Canada Day. We’ll take extra syrup on ours, please!
  2. Attend a local festival or parade
    Canada Day is the perfect opportunity to get out and enjoy all your community has to offer. From local food vendors, local musicians, and maybe even craft vendors, you may find a new favourite! .
  3. Learn about local Indigenous history
    Many Canadians celebrate Canada Day by honouring the Indigenous Peoples of Canada. Learning about your local Indigenous history is one way to honour Indigenous People this Canada. Visiting a local museum or art gallery, is a great way to learn about Indigenous Peoples’ rich history and cultures.
  4. Enjoy the beauty of Canadian nature
    Canada is loved and known for its vibrant, scenic landscapes. Visiting a national or provincial park, or even having a picnic in a local park, is a great way to soak up all the Canadian natural views.
  5. Treat yourself to some classic Canadian treats
    It’s not all maple syrup; well, maybe a little bit. Poutine and bannock, butter tarts to beaver tails. The list is long of our Canadian favourites! Maybe you just want to grab a bag of All Dressed or Ketchup chips; the choice is yours. Whatever your favourite Canadian treat is, Canada Day is the perfect chance to treat yourself!
  6. Support Canadian artists
    Whether it’s one of your classic Canadian favourites or you’re discovering something new, send some love to Canadian artists this Canada day. Visit a local art exhibit, attend a concert, or spend the day listening to your favourite Canadian music!

Canada Day is about appreciating what we have and the amazing things that make us who we are. You don’t necessarily need to go to the big festivals or parades to celebrate. Grabbing your favourite Canadian treats and jamming to some classic Canadian tunes is a perfect way to celebrate. This year, celebrate what Canada means to you!

Chateau Glengarry will be offering its residence a range of activities to celebrate Canada Day. This year, celebrate what Canada means to you!

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