Nutrition tips for seniors

Eating healthy, nutritious foods gives you the energy you need to go about your daily life and stay in good shape. For seniors, it’s essential to have a varied diet to help maintain independence and quality of life. Here are some healthy eating tips to follow as you age.

50 TO 59 YEARS OLD At this age, women should focus on eating foods that help reduce the unpleasant symptoms associated with menopause. For example, they should reduce their sugar intake and consume foods like soy and flaxseed, which are good sources of phytoestrogens. On the other hand, men should reduce their consumption of red meat and saturated fats to help prevent prostate cancer. They should also include plenty of vegetables, lean proteins and fish in their diet. Both aging men and women can benefit from eating more protein to help prevent their muscle mass from deteriorating.

60 TO 69 YEARS OLD As you age, your metabolism gradually slows down. Therefore, you don’t need to consume as many calories as you used to. How­ever, you must ensure you’re still getting enough calcium, vitamins and nutrients by eating the appropriate foods. If you lack the necessary appetite, you may need to supplement your diet with qua­lity meal-replacement bars or drinks. Consult a health care professional for advice.

70 YEARS AND OLDER Hunger is less of an issue at this age. Therefore, the goal is to consume enough protein to meet your nutritional needs while still eating plenty of healthy fruits, vegetables and starches. You may also need to take vitamin and mineral supplements to strengthen your immune system. On top of maintaining a healthy weight, fuelling your body with healthy foods can help prevent muscle and bone loss and the onset of disease. Consult your doctor or a dietitian-nutritionist to help you adopt healthy eating habits.

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