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If you’re looking for a fun way to liven up your next seniors’ mixer, why not take a twist on the classic board game by planning a smorgasbord of games? Set up multiple play areas and provide a variety of diversions. Here are some game ideas to inspire your plans.

• Board games. From timeless classics like backgammon and chess to your childhood go-to game, board games spark connection. Include a mix of multi-player and one-on-one options. Mix things up with a few dice games like Yahtzee or Boggle.

• Card games. For your poker-faced friends, card games get top points. Provide a few standard 52-card decks and let your guests play one or more games of their choice. Add a few specialty decks like UNO and Old Maid for more variety.

• Team games. Team games can provide hours of fun. Cards Against Humanity and Pictionary are popular commercial choices. For multi-media fun, Cranium lets you mix things up with drawing, singing, sculpture and more. For low-cost fun, organize a few rounds of charades.

Building in flexibility gives each person the freedom to choose the games they prefer, change things up or even sit back and watch. Add a jigsaw puzzle table for the less competitive members of your group. If you’re short on games, your local hobby shop can help.

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