Thx for your kind word

“Thank you for having made his stay at Chateau Glengarry such a pleasant one. Thx for your kind word. It is tough. We’ll get by. And thx for your kind gesture about the photo. Very thoughtful. Thx for ALL that you have done for dad. So much appreciated!!!” Dr. Suzanne Filion

Good morning, thank you for update

“Good morning, thank you for update, much appreciated. Yes, let’s hope everybody else’s results turn out negative as well. How is the person that tested positive? Did Ontario health mention anything about a second test requirement due to a 5 day incubation period? Shakespeare’s quote is well applied in this case. Keep well, best regards …

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Thank you for the update of this unfortunate event

“Thank you for the update of this unfortunate event. We are praying for the Covid patient and all residents. Please do keep us updated with increased safety measures that you are following and testing schedules and how soon those results will be verified.” Mike Bissonnette

To each staff

“To each staff, Thank you for all your continuing attention thro this pandemic. For All your care and provisions us with healthy meals, Thank you!”   Bev. Craig