“Thank you for your dedication and hard work in these difficult times.”


“Thank you for all the care you provide our loved ones. Your resiliency in these times is outstanding. My aunt loves her chateau home and family. So many times she talks fondly of the kindness if the care team, the beautiful decorations that appear throughout the year to brighten and celebrate special occasions the activities the delicious food…. Much gratitude “
“Thank you for having made his stay at Chateau Glengarry such a pleasant one. Thx for your kind word. It is tough. We’ll get by. And thx for your kind gesture about the photo. Very thoughtful. Thx for ALL that you have done for dad. So much appreciated!!!”
Dr. Suzanne Filion
“Thank you Quinny and Diane, The work that you are doing is awesome, I could not ask for more.”
“Thank you so much, and glad everyone was tested again today praying and hoping for all negative results.”
“My heart goes to all the residents and staff that are working closely with them. I am praying and wishing strength to pull through this situation. My mother is among them and already mortgaged with dementia. Thank you for your updates.”
“Thank you very much, Quinny. We wish you all a very safe way back to being all Covid free”
“Good morning, thank you for update, much appreciated. Yes, let’s hope everybody else’s results turn out negative as well. How is the person that tested positive? Did Ontario health mention anything about a second test requirement due to a 5 day incubation period? Shakespeare’s quote is well applied in this case. Keep well, best regards “
“Thank you for the update of this unfortunate event. We are praying for the Covid patient and all residents. Please do keep us updated with increased safety measures that you are following and testing schedules and how soon those results will be verified.”
Mike Bissonnette
“Thank you, Quinny… and my dad also will thank you, I’m sure! Much appreciated. This is small but important to him.”
“My heartfelt thank you to the entire staff of Chateau Glengarry. You gave my father a home and you gave me peace.”
Carol, family member
“The staff went above the call of duty to make sure our dear uncle was comfortable. He always felt that he was a part of the Chateau family.”
Pam, family member
“We are so grateful to the entire team at Chateau Glengarry for the high standards of care, professionalism and kindness.”
Michelle and Frédérick, family members
“Residents and Staff, We love you and thank you for your care…”


Anonymous with flowers
My dad had a huge extended family at the Chateau, which made his last year of life happy, content, and safe. Anyone reading this, if you need a safe, loving home for your senior parent, dont hesitate to choose the Home of many Treasures. My heartfelt thank you to the entire staff of Chateau Glengarry. You gave my father a home and you gave me peace, I forever grateful. Forever grateful.”
Carol Larente
“JANET CASSELMAN, the nurse went far beyond the call of duty for the supreme care and compassion she gave each resident. Being an only child, I felt I had a relative in Janet. Her gentleness and warmth radiated throughout the entire building. My father’s outings always ended with “It’s time to go home”. With that in mind, I was able to go home and sleep peacefully. During my father’s final three weeks in hospital, he wanted to go back to Chateau Glengarry. He was afraid he might miss Oliver’s visit. Oliver is a baby born to a staff member in 2010. (to be continued)”
Carol Larente
“Diane, Lise and staff, A huge thank you to all of your for taking such wonderful care of our mom and all of the residents of the Chateau. Warmest regards”
The Jewer Family
“Your continuous high standards of practice have enabled you to put in place strategies to keep our loved ones safe. I am so grateful. Warmest regards “
“HIDDEN TREASURE IN ALEXANDRIA -Tucked away at 105 St. Paul Street is a home of treasures On January 2010, my aging father JOHN WRIGHT was discharged from hospital and advised not to return home to live alone. Being the surviving relative, I had to find him the best safest place to live. I chose Chateau Glengarry and prayed I made the right decision. My father was greeted with open arms. Having worked in various nursing homes, I felt this welcoming might be temporary. Much to my surprise, it be kept getting better and better for the next one and a half years. (to be continued)”
Carol Larente
“They brought my father back to better health-better than he had been for past three years. Equally as important, they took away his loneliness. Each staff member was hand-picked by Diane, the administrator. She looked past their resumes (they were all qualified). Their characters had to be warm, caring and sincere. Dr. Govan, there are not enough kind words to describe this wonderful doctor. He is a blessing. (to be continued)”
Carol Larente
“We are so grateful to you and the entire team at Chateau Glengarry for the high standards in care, professionalism, and kindness. Your response to the COVID challenge as been nothing short of extraordinary. We thank all of you for your daily attention to the details and the changes that affect our loved ones and the whole community.”


Michelle & Frédérick, family members
“Dear Diane and Staff caregivers, This really is a note to say very heartfelt Thank You! The year that has been just awful for so many People… we want you to know that we appreciate you for all that you do to keep our family members healthy, safe and cared for… We wish we could visit but because of Covid 19…we will abide with the health recommendations to keep our distance and keep you ALL Covid Free. Big Hugs via this card! THANK YOU So MUCH! “


The Mclellan’s Alan Lori & Allynn
“Hi Diane, I just wanted to thank you for your help and the great care you and your staff are providing to the residents. With the covid virus we couldn’t think of a better and safer place for them to be. Thank you so much for all that you are doing for your resident and the much-appreciated communication with us family members. “


Mr Fraser son in law with POA
“To each staff, Thank you for all your continuing attention thro this pandemic. For All your care and provisions us with healthy meals, Thank you!”


Bev. Craig
“To the Staff of Caregivers at Chateau Glengarry, Just a note to wish All of you A Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Know that we appreciate your Care, Compassion, and kindness. Thank you, we recognize your hard work and dedication… Blessing to you All! HOPE JOY&PEACE With grateful hearts. “


The MC LELLAN Family Alan Lori and Allynn

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