What to do after a fall

Although fall prevention measures can help minimize the risk of older adults taking a tumble, they cannot prevent them 100 per cent of the time. Here’s what you should do if you fall in your home and are unable to get up:

• Keep calm, stay still and determine if you feel pain in any part of your body. Don’t try to stand up if you think doing so will aggravate your injury.

• Before moving, look around to ensure there aren’t any broken objects like knick-knacks or glass that could hurt you if you try to move.

• If you live with someone else, try to call them for help. • If you’re alone, try to get the attention of a neighbour. You can try banging on a wall, tapping the floor or using an object like a remote control, book or cane to make noise. If possible, move closer to a door or window to make yourself heard.

• If your neighbours aren’t home or far away, gently crawl toward a telephone. Take breaks if needed to avoid exhaustion. When you reach the phone, contact someone close to you for help.

• While waiting for someone to come, find a comfortable position. For example, you can place a cushion or piece of clothing under your head for support. Remember to move your joints regularly to avoid stiffness. Fall detection devices and emergency buttons are readily available for older adults. Find out what options are available to get help more quickly if you fall.

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